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Member DKP
imjuzchillnn 104.61046 573
Mille Meter 00 0
Imcovert 26260 457
Lady Mysh 6.767 336
Gaheal-permafrost 33330 621
JebannGuildpet 57.6576 74
ThangPentros 156.31563 232
shifte eq2 9.898 706
ripsee 80.3803 117
daringblaze 10.9109 311
Aceantion-Relic 50.8508 1110
Wantabe-Relic 72.6726 749
Farfalle-Relic 67.6676 204
Kazedo-Relic 14.3143 326
Stickher 87.6876 684
Darkrune-Relic 20.9209 541
Nodu-Relic 9.393 342
Rigan-Relic 47.3473 277
Severr-Relic 74740 550
Boolicious-Relic 16.5165 525
Zkatha-Relic 2.323 112
Venda-Relic 16.1161 163
Troubledoor-Relic 2.525 0
Mezzen 52.1521 343
Maash-Relic 51.2512 645
Tokenki 23.1231 464
Karmi-Relic 6.363 305
Bronne-Relic 9.797 3
Lyricass 12.3123 602
Pikila-Relic 21.1211 324
Dreamydiva-relic 68.5685 318
Savanna-Relic 27.8278 295
Aqualung-Relic 880 480
Jeudia-Relic 220 0
Dyni-Relic 0.44 94
Opdekopdrop-Relic 880 80
Sallentus-Relic 14.4144 229
tynkabell 00 35
Badabingzs 45.7457 14
MUTE-Relic -0.1-1 1
Zauber - Relic 14.4144 5
Shaimon 00 15
Dadaryen-Relic 11.3113 6
Shaimon-Relic 9.696 79
Fabae 3.737 0
Lifeforse-Relic 10.4104 276
Ganman-Relic 22.2222 77
Rojhoe-Relic 34340 60
Badorafusama 28280 40
chainedsoul-relic 24.1241 164
Lamoni-Relic 12120 160
Schizon-relic 2.323 2
GhawiaEQ2 18.5185 164
Laegoalin-Relic 13.4134 146
Tayshiza-Relic 13.3133 32
ebeel 25250 10
Reneril 770 30
Bypolar2 7.272 28
Finisher-Relic 26.1261 79
Gludeel-Relic 31310 49
Ribit 38.2382 32
cxb456 440 0
Drodrik 8.686 84
Boyoboy-Relic 1.818 2
Ownen1-Relic 22220 0
Amares-Relic 00 0
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We are strictly a raiding guild that offers an alternative to both ends of the spectrum be it hardcore raiding or casual playing. Relic offers simplistic back to basics raiding. We like to keep the requirements short and sweet. We are a family oriented guild. Whiners need not apply. We want to play with you but we dont want to babysit you. For more details on the guild you can visit our FAQ. Relic members play EQ2 for entertainment and would like to return to enjoying the game so come join us and leave the drama/ego at the door.

Guild News    


imjuzchillnn, Jan 29, 11 11:28 PM.
Please see the new post under Information section at for details on the expected changes. See an officer with any questions or details.  Thang, Lockn, Maash, Stickher.

We want everyone to understand we are not asking/expecting anyone to leave the guild or not raid if you cannot make the determined days. We will fill first with those that can meet the attendance, then send invites out to anyone else that could make it that evening. We are not trying to lose members. We are trying to strengthen the raid force in order to be able to move forward in progression.

If something changes in your RL circumstance and you become available to make the raid days on a regular basis, please see an officer so we can get you into an designated spot.


Off to a Great Start for 2011!

imjuzchillnn, Jan 6, 11 12:02 AM.
Relic is ushering in 2011 with great energy. Raids are full now that the holidays have passed and new members are running strong. We look forward to gathering momentum after the long break and push forward in progression. Thanks to all the senior members of Relic and their persistance as well as to the members that have joined us recently for filling our ranks and helping us move forward. Our goals for the next couple months are for all members old and new to improve on skills, stats and gear. To regain some of the focus we have lost with the holiday hustle and bustle. Most of all lets get this show on the road =)

Thanks Everyone,

Roehn Theer Bites the Dust!!

imjuzchillnn, Nov 24, 10 2:23 AM.
Tonight we put down Roehn Theer - 1 Rune. Nice work all. We had a great evening and blew threw content. It was great to have such a good turnout. Congradulations All!

The Sages are Dead!

imjuzchillnn, Oct 13, 10 11:14 PM.
Very nice progress, Sages are dead and we did really well on our first night pulling Roehn Theer. Nice work everyone!  Special thanks to Mysh, Skaldii and Udea's efforts this evening as well as a special thanks to Feather for the Sages kill.

Congradulations all!


imjuzchillnn, Sep 25, 10 7:49 PM.
RELIC has packed and is moving on up! We have secured our new Guild Hall in Antonica. Only 4 months old and we are pushing through the content and have reached guild level 70. Thanks for all your hard work members of Relic.
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